Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eating South Africa

While teaching advocacy to young South African advocates (read barristers), with an international team in January this year Mary and I put out a Twitter call to find a place to eat in Cape Town. Sydney Twitter pal and food critic Simon Thomsen came to the rescue with Bistro Bizerca, an award winning restaurant run by Cyrillia and Laurent Deslandes, who not long before had run a very popular eatery just outside Sydney. Their friends told them they were mad going back to South Africa - hence the name. The highlights ? The trio of tomato, the beetroot tart, the Kudu carpaccio and the Karoo lamb stew.


  1. yum! I have never mad it to Cape Town - I keep stopping at either Boksburg or Durban...hopefully this time I will make it to Kynsa and Sedgefield and if I'm lucky Cape Town.


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