Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Cold Night In

One friend drove from Launceston, one had driven to Launceston and back. One had been to a meeting at Port Arthur and another had been painting a mural in a cold concrete building under construction. Roads were closed, there was snow in the suburbs and everyone was freezing cold on the outside. Enter a good log fire, a few exceptional bottles, a world class free range ham from Guy and Eliza at Mt Gnomon Farm and some collaborative effort in the kitchen.

First a French onion soup topped with Gruyere gougeres and a Normandy sparkling cider with a Calvados chaser. Now we are warming up. Then poach off some figs in star anise, coriander and mustard seeds and cardamon pods.

Soak, simmer, glaze and bake the ham and serve with the spiced figs and potato and fennel galette. Wash down with heroic amounts of 2005 Puligny Montrachet. Getting warmer.

Then a cheese course, Roquefort, Roy de Vallees and Edel de Cleron with an 2001 Big 'd Big Barolo and back in to the kitchen to assemble dessert.

The piece de resistance! Tiny hazelnut and chocolate pastry cases made from local hazelnuts, filled with King Island cinnamon and honey yoghurt and topped with pieces of preserved Franklin cherries. With? A 2002 Chateau d'Yquem of course.

It's a bit warm in here don't you think?


  1. excuse me for drooling all over your blog - and a chateau d'yquem to finish? *cries and drools*


  2. A fabulous meal Stephen, cold weather or no,
    I could almost smell the ham through my monitor.

  3. My imagined dinner for tonight is suddenly appearing very ordinary....

    When I was in Turkey, I learned how to make a really simple local dish, similar to your figs, except they are stuffed with walnuts before poaching. I might try putting some cardamom and aniseed in with them next time

  4. Don't mind me, I'm just gazing at your gorgeous food.

  5. I want your kitchen and your cellar.


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