Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hobart Farmers Market

It was a treat today to be at the official opening of the Hobart Farmer's Market. After taking Minnie my Munsterlander pup for a swim at nearby Kingston beach and a walk with my good friend John Burke and his dog Joe, it was ever so relaxing to stroll around the market after it was opened by local food identity Elaine Reeves and Green Senator Christine Milne.

The highlights of the day for me today were the beautiful Tasmanian raspberries and Cygnet SBS Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evan's Rare Foods produce. A close second were the preserved Kentish Cherries and Gooseberries from Colleen Graham and her husband, lovely old timers and neighbours of Rodney and Severine Dunn at the Agrarian Kitchen at Lachlan.

So dinner tonight was easy. Mary and I started with Matthew's pork rillette and Zum's sourdough bread, also from the market. The texture and flavour/seasoning balance of the rillette put it amongst the best I have ever tasted. But it was the pork and fennel sausages married with Matthew's Boston style baked beans that made the perfect Sunday night meal (coupled with a Chilean Rotschild family red).

The dessert tonight was my take on a Lindzertorte - made with a vanilla bean shortcrust pastry and filled with almond meal, eggs, butter and sugar and fresh raspberries soaked in Framboise Sauvage - a raspberry eau de vie. It worked a treat and was the perfect accompaniment to some chocolate icecream that had escaped my clean out of the freezer yesterday. Thank God for Sundays.


  1. I second that. Yum. Next week I'll go back to get some snags. And maybe a rabbit (anyone wanna go halves?)

  2. I hate to be pedantic ;-) but I believe it should be LINZERTORTE (after the city of Linz). I used to live in Austria, you know....

  3. You are of course correct Mr/Ms Anonymous. And I have eaten it at the Cafe Sacher. Our Swiss neighbours also make it and have explained the Austrian history. I Googled it before I typed it however and most spellings now see it Americanis(z)ed in this way. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Oh those beans & sausages look fantastic, & dessert looks special too.
    Perfect for a cool summers day.
    How old is Minnie? Kingston Beach is Nigella's favourite place, and is very fond of wading up browns river!

  5. Hi Hazel
    Minnie is 18 months now but still my pup, Bella the chocolate Lab is 13 years old.
    Must keep an eye out for you.
    Someone said that Brown's River is not the best for dogs and to go seaward. Not your experience?


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