Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When Yachties Arrive for Dinner - Or Don't

When yachties announce an impending arrival home from their race early there is nothing else to be done but improvise. Throw open the fridge door, take out everything useable and head to the galley. This week when this happened we ended up with Gruyere gougeres and goats cheese with capers, beef Wellington with stoved vegetables, fresh cherry ice cream and almond praline. Phew, all done. Then came the call. Sorry we are becalmed off the east coast of Tasmania and won't be in for a couple of days. Thanks Bill. Ah well, Mary and I ate well.


  1. The beef wellington looks wonderful.

    What are those red wine coloured vegetables - beetroot?

  2. Hi Steve.Thanks the beef was good. Yes beetroot. My yachtie rang to say he is coming tonight and doesn't want leftovers!

  3. I'm sure you with think of something to feed the seafearing folk. Probably not seafood though...

  4. Hi Stephen & Mary-First can I say: Your fridge, its contents & its condition is to be recommended for a national award, hats of & all that!
    Secondly-Take a bow for supporting all those artisinal producers-many talk the talk but dont walk the walk etc.
    Thirdly-its great to see, first hand people who revere their produce, of course we read about it all the time & we are all aware of the dissconnect between producer & consumer.
    Fourthly-where does one get a Geurnesy for the meal?
    Finally though, I offer my thanks, encouraged that people like yourselves & others that can discern & trully value the eforts made by many idealistic food providors
    Happy New Year, from Steve

  5. Thanks Steve. We try. Happy New Year to you too and all at the Red Velvet Lounge

  6. Its amazing in our global world how you can pick someone's location by their choice of language 'phew'! Some of those brands in the open fridge door also looked decidedly (and not surprisingly) Tasmanian!

    Lovely story Stephen - thanks


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