Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Fare

Christmas Day again. This year Santa made pork and sage sausage rolls on Christmas Eve while Christmas morn saw Tasmanian Ocean Trout gravadlax cured with Bundaberg sugar, Murray pink salt flakes, crushed white peppercorns and dill. Lunch started with Tassie lobster tail flambeed in Pernod and joined by advocado and iceberg lettuce in a cocktail dressed with lemon juice. Main course was pickled pork with pink eye potatoes and double podded broad beans out of the garden. The salad was rocket, Roquefort and walnut dressed with walnut oil and sherry vinegar. And for dessert? Why Christmas pud of course with brandy and caramel sauce and King Island clotted cream. Oh dear. Now for a nap.


  1. Steve - let me be the first. That is one awesome Christmas feast just for two! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Thanks Victor.i appreciate that coming from you!

  3. That's a spectacular way to enjoy lobster. Pining for one of the sausage rolls just by looking at them - and - that is after my two days of feasting! I'm going to just post my (non-traditional) Christmas dessert (well maybe after my nap) @frombecca

  4. Thanks Rebecca. That's very kind of you. Will look out for your dessert.

  5. That looks sensational! And healthy too!

    And just look at the size of those lobster and avocado cocktails!!

    Smashing, just smashing. Or as they say in Japan, oishi des!!


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