Monday, May 24, 2010

Brisbane or the Stix

Gaythorne may not be out in the sticks but Stix is out in Gaythorne and since he moved into the neighbourhood folks have been happy. Travis Griggs, aka Stix, is the chef and co - owner of Grub Street, a little 18 seater eatery at 440 Samford Road, 10 minutes outside Brisvegas, and he and his wife Tamara are making food so good some locals spend all day there.

Before Stix moved in to the tiny corner location Grub St occupies, local cafes came and went and went and came and went again. According to my old journo mate Pip Courtney, now of Landline fame (pictured below with Stix), when Grub St started serving up seriously good breakfasts and lunches she told her cameraman husband John Bean that he had better support the place. John took her at her word apparently and has been known to graze at Grub St all day.

Last Saturday Mary and I took our Brisbane host Peter Steele to brunch with Pip and we had a lot of fun catching up on old times while Pip devoured her GF corn cakes with jalapeno scented avocado mousse and tomato salsa. It truly was as delicious as it looks and boy what a change for a light but satisfying brekkie dish.

In food as in all things I admire people who have a red hot go and it was refreshing to see a knock about kinda guy like Stix out in the burbs but seriously in pursuit of excellence. Peter Steele, a most demanding world travelled diner, looked aghast as he had to turn the Sat Nav on his wife Linda's new 250 AMG in order to find our friendly diner in Gaythorne, but as you can see he had a smile all over his face after he and Mary had checked out the menu and the specials board.

Peter chose the green eggs, perfectly scrambled with pesto sitting atop a wedge of Gooralie free range ham carved off the bone and, for a porkstar like Pedro, accompanied by some Gooralie bacon on the side as well.

I had eggs too but with a sensational mushroom duxelle, also with Gooralie bacon, on sourdough bread and Mary chose the special, white bean and chorizo ragu potted eggs with Manchego toast ( pictured above top). She pronounced it a "dead and gone to heaven" dish.

So, next time you are in Brissie and want to escape the city for a leisurely breakfast, grab a cab and head out for a short ride to Grub St. I promise you it will repay the effort. Oh and as you leave pick up a jar of Stix's tamarind chutney!


  1. Wonderful that you enjoyed Grub St. You were so close to us - 4 min up the road. Did you also get to Ecco on Saturday night? Pray tell. Simonette.

  2. This is simply a GREAT little cafe. I graze there all day too!

  3. Used to work with Stix. Really good guy. Loves pork. And worships a god named Huey.

    Posted your site on his Facebook page so he could have a look.

  4. Best. Coffee. Ever. I'm slowly working my way through the menu at Grub St, and haven't yet found a dish that hasn't been 'the best ever'!! Any excuse to go out, and we're there!!

  5. EEP that means you were literally down the road from me last week - I was home at Mums in Everton Park. Grub St, in the mid 80's had a previous incarnation (with different owners etc) as a really decent little french resturant called JR's. We used to eat there almost every week during 1988 - World Expo had our place looking like grand central station. You forgot to mention that the Ferny Grove line train stops @ Gaythorne station which is literally a block up the road.
    I have driven past it every time I go home in the last year or so, but never gone in. May have to investigate next time I head home.

  6. I've been going about once a month since it opened. Sooooooo recommend this place. Also recommend the side of bacon

  7. Stix's food certainly does melt in your mounth and leaves the taste lingering long enough to want to go back for more. Never go past the selection of relish's & jam's!

  8. Stix has been cooking for us for years. His food is always amazing and his passion only grows. You are so lucky to have him so close. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Louise Shay & John Moulton.


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